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Martial Arts Classes
East Anglia Wing Chun Athletic Cornwall Central
Kung-Fu classes in Southern Style of Wing Chun as taught by Grandmaster Ip Chun for beginners and advanced students . 

​Tuesday and Thursday
Martial Arts sessions £8.00
AsOne Community space and Cafe
Unit 7 Cligga Ind, Est
St Georges Hill
Limited spaces so book your place

Opening 09/2017

Private tuition available £15 per Hour
 Junior Wing Chun
Martial arts program designed for young people combined with educational and mentoring support for healthy minds and bodies.
​Coming 2019 .
Wing Chun is a Southern Chinese martial art based on self defence, that teaches deflection and interception through fast hands and a strong stance. Grandmaster Ip Man brought Wing Chun from Foshan, China to Hong Kong in the 1950’s and it has been maintained by his sons Grandmaster Ip Chun and Grandmaster Ip Ching with  students in 64 countries. Wing Chun employs softness within its discipline through a practice called Chi Sau, a method of introspection and the understanding of our training partners intention (energy) and Force (action).  Chi Sau is a sensitivity drill to train and obtain specific techniques and responses. It should not be confused with actual sparring or fighting, though it can be practiced or expressed as a method of close quarter combat.  Chi Sau is the unique training method of Wing Chun and helps to develop skill and intelligence of the individual, whilst performing acts that promote a health body and mind.
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