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The AsOne:Ed is the education and training arm of the AsOne project working with young people to develop mental strategies to improve and support positive well-being. Building awareness, resilience and fortitude are the foundations of our programs, that place value, perspective and self control as fundamental to  underpinning positive well-being. It is our belief that positive well-being can be safeguarded from societal pressures by developing character and a growth mind-set. The unifying of mind, body and energy increases personal understanding, supporting the development of positive character qualities (Goleman.D 2004). 

The AsOne:Ed is founded on the theories and principles of Eastern and Western philosophy combining social science and creative arts. Our philosophy employs the science of the mind, body and spirit including mindfulness, meditation and physical exercise to improve the quality of personal, social, and emotional health. AsOne:Ed considers life as art, a means to express the 'Self' through action. Positive personal expression requires attention, awareness and application to maximise potential and achieve self actualisation (Maslow.A 1943). 

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