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AsOne Football Outreach

In 2020 AsOne began its partnership with Believe Football Academy in Gambia Africa. Sulayman Bah Fattah a young man from the Lamin town area of western Gambia started the academy to help poor and sometimes homeless children in to grassroots football teams. 


Community work in the village

The Young footballers helped build a road into the village, making it easier for their community to get in and out. This is the spirit that AsOne wants to support and we feel very humbled by these young community leaders. they deserve all the joy our donations will bring


Building Belief 

This is a young person achieving certification for his hard work and dedication, the academy wants to help young people to believe in their futures. Through football they are able to grow, learn and develop themselves, hopefully leading to more positive outcomes for them and their families.


Kit Travelled to Africa 

He had great desire but lacked the funding and equipment to take it forward , after being introduced to him it was instantly obvious we could do good work together. I was aware of the abundance of football boots and kits that change in a season in grassroots football teams all over the county.  I began to collect surplus items and get them ready for shipping. Soon they were on the way..


Cornish colour in Gambia

This is a few of the strips donated by Grasshoppers Truro and Newquay AFC, its not possible to understand the enormous effect the donations have had on the young people of Western Gambia. Not only did AsOne and its friends send kits we also sent boots, socks, shin pads and replica shirts from our domestic and European league.


Grassroots Football

Where ever football can be played there will be lessons for life learned, determination, focus and resilience are fundamental to personal growth. AsOne supports this group because we believe in the power of sport and the opportunities it can bring about in the emancipation of people from poverty. We will continue our support and look forward to adding education products to our packages.

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