The MindGarden
This program is designed to support the role of emotional intelligence in attainment and positive well-being and is the pilot of AsOne:Ed. The 12 week sessions encourage the participants to create an individual art project based on 4 main emotions (Anger, Fear, Sadness and Happiness). The idea of cultivating emotions like plants or trees in a garden forms the basis of the creative art project, allowing it to be cultivated as it grows. A personal emotional dairy will be used to support the 'MindGarden' and to act as a guide to the reflective process that helps shape the cultivation of each garden. Each session works on developing emotional intelligence. 
Over the 12 sessions specially constructed modules align raising awareness, strengthening resilience, and developing fortitude to support positive mental health and well-being. AsOne:Ed supports the core principles of Personal and Professional Development, the ethos of 'Every Child Matters' and is within the context of the P.S.H.E curriculum.
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