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AsOne Cookery School

AsOne Cookery School is our opportunity to share the skills and knowledge of our Lead Tutor Chef Ben Arthur. Trained at Fifteen London, Ben is bringing his experience, passion and dedication to students into his role . His ethos of combining local ingredients and smart management to produce affordable menus and reduce waste whilst looking after our health, community and environment compliments the standards that AsOne seeks to work by.


Our inaugural program saw us team up and begin a partnership with Tesco and Jamie Oliver, to deliver his inspired menus to 15 families in our community and supporting them with £30 food vouchers from Tesco to buy the ingredients. We taught 3 lessons in a combination of live streaming on our Zoom network, but we also recorded the lessons and uploaded them to our Youtube Channel (link below).


  In the next year we will be rolling out our new curriculum along with workshops and special events at AsOne CSC.We will be working hard to create new connections in the community and partnerships to strengthen our commitment to raising awareness and standards around food preparation, consumption and waste.  

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