The Unify Program
The 'UNIFY' program (commencing 2019) incorporating the 'MindGarden', is designed to bring together mind, body and energy, building foundations in awareness, fortitude and resilience through a combination of education, sport, art and philosophy. The 72 sessions are split into 3 sections containing 4 modules with 4 learning outcomes. The sessions are  delivered over 3, 12 week terms consisting of 2 day attendance at AsOne:Ed.  Each section is designed to follow cognitive developmental theory and moves through stages of growth in mental, physical and emotional awareness. Aligning with the theory that 'play is a tool for learning' the use of the Martial arts, the physical aspect of Martial Science, the unique training method of Wing Chun Chi Sau  is used to support the process of self-expression and the potential to develop free from form, standardisation and reaction.